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Irvine Geotechnical Performs Combined Geologic and Soils Engineering Services


  • Prior to purchase geologic and geotechnical evaluations of real property and existing structures

  • Feasibility and planning studies for subdivisions and geologic complex projects

  • Forensic engineering, failure analysis and expert witness services

  • Subsurface geotechnical exploration, laboratory testing, engineering analyses and report preparation for flatland projects including: single-family residences, apartment buildings, schools, parking structures and tall buildings

  • Subsurface engineering geologic and geotechnical exploration, laboratory testing, geologic mapping, engineering analyses and report preparation for hillside properties including: single-family residences, pools, decks and retaining walls

  • City of Los Angeles Certified soil testing laboratory

  • Infiltration studies for onsite mititgation of stormwater runoff for SUSMP/LID compliance

  • Evaluation of landfill sites to rehabiliate for development purposes

  • Design and evaluation of soil nail walls and systems for temporary and permanent retaining conditions

  • Landslide studies, slope repair design and hazard mitigation

  • Seismic ground deformation studies, earthquake stability analyses of slopes and displacement evaluation

  • Seismic hazard analyses, ground motion evaluation, site specific response spectra generation

  • Liquefaction studies using SPT, CPT and Becker-Hammer techniques, lateral spreading analysis, dynamic settlement of dry and saturated soils, recommendations for ground improvement and/or foundation designs to mitigate the hazard

  • Research services, air photo evaluation and interpretation

  • CAD drafting and computer modeling

  • Compaction testing for mass grading, retaining wall backfill and utility trench backfill

  • Shoring and lagging Installation, tie-back anchor testing

  • City of Los Angeles Registered Deputy Grading Inspectors

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